Zoma Logistics

We provide a specialised distribution service, understanding your needs while going to great lengths to ensure all aspects of your distribution network is accounted for. Forging strategic and integrated partnerships, we strive to create and develop tailormade and multifaceted solutions, whether they be fixed or variable, based on our client’s business models – delivering your goods in a timeous and cost-effective manner.


Our diverse yet comprehensive scope of services incorporate; agreed service levels, flexibility to increase the size of the fleet needed – taking into consideration peak demand periods – hiring, training and management of drivers and crew, efficient management and reporting, safe and flexible delivery of stock and valuable feedback and reporting for strategic decision-making and service improvement.

We strive to optimize service delivery through the successful implementation, monitoring and management of a combination of resources and the creation of a mutually beneficial partnership focused on eliminating inefficiencies, and constant productivity improvement.

Our fleet capabilities range from 1 ton to 34 ton vehicles.


of Zoma Logistics


Zoma Logistics

Objectives, Vison & Mission

Zoma Logistics has its vision:
• Total Client satisfaction
• Product and service excellence
• Sensitivity to the needs and goals of our clients
• Teamwork approach together with our clients
• Motivated staff who take pride in their work

As a central part of Zoma Logisitics strategic plan, the Leadership Team has developed a very clear vision and mission statement for the business. These are supported by five vital Core Values, which are fundamental to the success of Zoma Logistics.


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To be the leading supplier of earthmoving equipment solutions.

To serve customers and stakeholders professionally and ethically by providing quality, customised and efficient solutions.


To uphold our Vision and Mission statement, we will all adopt these five vital new. Core Values:

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Respect
  • Synergy


We invite you to send us an email should you like to find out more about our service offerings, book one of our fleet or simply just would like to speak to our sales department.